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We know the only project that matters to a homeowner is their own.

Creating an outdoor living space with a beautiful deck shouldn’t be done with just an average deck builder. It should be done by someone dedicated and passionate to bring the most creative, purposeful deck to their client.

Owner, Dean Rovedo Jr. Started his business in 2011 As Platinum Carpentry. While tackling all phases of carpentry his real love was with decks, outdoor living and fine finish carpentry. He just recently expanded his love of outdoor living with a deck division, Platinum Decks. Platinum Decks takes the love of fine finish work and attention to produce a top of the line outdoor living area that will be the focal point of your backyard. Platinum Decks takes great pride in every step of the process, our name and reputation depend on it.

The carpentry division of Platinum Carpentry is still here to support your cabinetry, woodworking and finish carpentry needs.